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Product Design
Product Design
We have deep expertise in every stage of the product design pipeline in sectors like fintech, agritech, healthtech and edtech.
User Research
User Research
Having performed multiple in-person and remote user research sessions, we know how to understand users, the jobs they want to get done and the gaps in the market
Design Audit
Design Audits
A UX audit can help you understand the gaps in your product , opportunities in the market and how you can go about solving for that opportunity.
Mobile App Development
Mobile App Development
Over the past 8 years, we have worked on mobile products in every domain using almost every framework. We’ve also worked with the android platform team on features before their release.
App Performance
App Performance Audits
We have deep experience in profiling and benchmarking app performance and have also worked on various automated performance management tools for mobile products.
Cross Platform Sync
Cross Platform Sync
Having worked on many offline-first products for India, we know what it takes to build products that can sync large amounts of data in challenging connectivity conditions.
Client Impact
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Our work with FREND has reached 30 million beneficiaries in  300,000 Indian villages and has generated an income of $1.5 million for 80,000 rural women
Why Work With Us?

Key Differentiators

Cross Sector Exp
Cross Sector Experience
We bring the experience of working in sectors like fintech, edutech and agritech to every project we work on. Fun fact, we worked on a micro atm powered fintech mobile product back in 2013!
Product led Design
Product led Design
We are big proponents of the jobs-to-be-done framework and believe in understanding user needs and gaps in the market before jumping to solutions.
Deep Understanding
Deep Understanding of India
We have worked with companies like IDEO and Google on understanding new internet users and building solutions for them.
Mobile Experience
Mobile Experience
Our journey with mobile apps started in 2009 with the formation of India’s largest android community “Blrdroid”. Since then we’ve worked with the android team on preview versions of jetpack and released multiple products on frameworks like flutter.
Cross domain experience
We’ve had the experience of working on domains as wide as fintech and edtech. That has given us the ability to understand and comply with fintech regulations, map and execute complex lessons flows and more.
Experience in Solving Tough Problems
Building for a wide range of devices and users is a challenging problem and we’ve had the experience of working on complex features like fully offline, cross-platform sync and an offline first voice assistant for new internet users.
Case Studies

Some Of Our Recent Work

Here are some case studies showcasing the work we have done in Product Design and Engineering
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Detailed Case Study

Agri-Tech Product Transformation

In this detailed case study, we showcase how we can transform the onboarding and home screen journeys of a hypothetical agri-tech product using design. This transformation will result in higher customer satisfaction, engagement, and retention metrics across the product.
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Our History

A Chronology Of Our Work

Here are some of the interesting projects we’ve undertaken over the past 8 years.
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2012 - 2013


We worked with Khoslalabs on rapidly prototyping multiple fintech product state-of-the-art micro ATM, POS and fintech solutions for millions of underbanked users in India.
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We worked with FortunePay on their fintech POS terminals and mobile products.
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We created a unique local event discovery and booking platform for Eventshigh.
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We worked with Exotel to review their product and build multiple features in the cloud telephony domain.
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We worked with Spottedbylocals to build a city-specific, offline-first travel app for the EU and the US.
Slide 6



We worked with Hiree to build multiple mobile applications in the hiring/recruitment domain.
Slide 7



We worked with Enparadigm on multiple offline first apps in the insurance and education space.
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2016 Onwards


We worked with Google on multiple initiatives in the User Experience and Android Application space.
Slide 9



We did user research and design strategy for Fastfilmz - A Netflix like service for South Indian Movies
Slide 10


Programming Hub

We advised and worked on the mobile product for “Programming Hub”, a ed-tech platform that helps people learn programming on their mobile phones and has 10+ million users
Slide 11



We worked with FREND - a non profit backed by Google and Tata Trusts - to design and develop an offline first application to generate livelihood and improve literacy for over 80,000 women in 300,000 villages across India.
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Idea Music

We performed a UX and product audit for Idea music, a music application with millions of users.
Slide 13



We created a personal investment management app with Prospermonk.
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IDEO, Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation

We worked with IDEO and “The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation” on a design framework for new internet users.
Slide 15



We worked with Novopay to build multiple financial applications impacting millions of users across India.
Slide 16



We did user research and product design on BharatAgri’s agri advisory product which could impact 140 millions farmers  across India
“We worked with Triveous on a key project and were impressed with the depth of their research and the breadth of ideas to solve the specific problems. Would work with them again whenever possible.”
Nikunj Verma
CEO and Co-Founder, Cutshort

Our latest Blogs

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